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By Any Means Necessary #

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A Speech for the Student Movement

  TBW '18

What action is a student to take when the president of the university compares his institution to a corporation?  This school isn’t a company, we are not mindless employees, but if we were we would probably be very good employees willing to do anything for our boss, Mr. President.

There is a problem with a country that has grown so used to a corporate hierarchy that it does not question how a business should serve human interest. Well, let me show that I can question. Questioning is an important skill that shows critical thinking. It is very desirable in potential employees but hard to find. If one were to demonstrate the ability to question, they should be considered for any open positions or at least put on a wait list and contacted later.

But we will not wait for later. Change tomorrow means suffering today. We need a top-to-bottom transformation with communication across sectors and strategic initiatives that yield market success. Our market is the hearts and minds of men and women. Most viable business models rely on emotive response.

And, in order to show the president and the hiring managers at corporate just how sick we are of the intrusion of the company into our American life, I am going to burn my resume and CV right here. I will leave this stack of neatly collated copies of my resume and CV on the podium so you all can see the vast work experience and industry readiness that I am renouncing. Please feel free to contact me at the listed addresses.