Aging Detective – The Harvard Lampoon

Smash and Grab #

| Issue Editor: ZEW '14 | Art Editor: SSR '15

Aging Detective

  CWW '16 , Art: SESH '16


The later adventures of Inspector Eugene Farnsworth.

Pursuit of the Purse-Snatcher – “Come back here,” says Inspector Farnsworth in book #247.  “Come back here,” he says again, more sternly.

The Stolen Email Addresses – “I’ve never heard of such a terrible cybercrime,” Chief Jordan says.  “Me neither,” replies Farnsworth, making a note to ask his son.

The Silent Killer – Farnsworth brings home leftovers from a work party.  “What do I tell you every day, Gene?” moans his wife.  “It’s gonna be the goddamn diabetes.”

Murder in the 16-Story Belltower – “You know, I’m pretty sure it was a suicide,” The Inspector says, looking up the 14 remaining flights of stairs.

The Giggling Teenagers – “Why are they laughing?” Farnsworth asks his partner. “We used to laugh like that.”

The Mystery of the Missing Classmates – “Where did everyone go?”  The Inspector says to the empty tables at his 70th high school reunion.

The Imposters – Farnsworth investigates who these people are and why they keep calling him “dad.”