Bees – The Harvard Lampoon

Jekyll & Hyde #

| Issue Editor: CRS '09 | Art Editor:


  KMM '10

In the past year, millions of bees mysteriously abandoned their hives and completely disappeared. Scientists have no idea where any of the bees have gone.

Mom: Hey Kyle, have you heard that buzzing sound in your room?
Me: What? No.
Mom: It’s really loud. I think it’s coming from your closet.
Me: Wait. Were you in my closet?
Mom: Kyle, it sounds like there are millions of bees in your closet. How did they get there?
Me: Jesus Mom, my closet is private.
Mom: Did you- did you steal those ?
Me: I know what I ’m doing.
Mom: I want those bees out of my house!
Me: Screw this. I ’m outta here.
Mom: Come back here!
Me: I don’t even want the bees anymore, okay? I was having fun but then you ruined it.

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