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By Any Means Necessary #

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Born Too Late

  EHP '15

I always had a false nostalgia for the music of my parents’ generation.

Me: I listened to Classics 105.7 until I heard the hits I wanted to record onto this tape for you.

Crush: Wow, that’s super inefficient.

Dad: Did she just say that on the radio?

Me: Janis Ian is so edgy.

Dad: I think this is Alanis Morissette.

Me: Hm?

Dad: Please stop making your Beanie Babies dance on the dashboard.

Me: “Freebird” has such a groundbreaking guitar solo.

Mom: This song has been lame for 20 years.

Me: Christ, Mom. Just once.

Mom: How do you stand this noise?

Me: (guiltily looks up from dial-up Internet)