Bring Your Kid to Work Day – The Harvard Lampoon

Just Friends #

| Issue Editor: GWN '16 | Art Editor: JXY '16

Bring Your Kid to Work Day

  AJU '16 , Art: BAB '17


Dad: It’s time you learned where Daddy is on weekdays.

Son: And weekends.

Dad: During the day—

Son: And night. This is the first time I’ve met you.

Dad: Well someone is curious.  Here we are.

Son: So you work in the quarry?

Dad: Until I collapse from heat exhaustion.

Son: That’s dedication.

Dad: Here’s Daddy’s coworker. He’s worked here five whole years.

Coworker: Kill me.

Dad: He’s a rascal.

Son: Wow there really isn’t a break in the action here?

Dad: No. Come take a look at these stones.

Son: There’s a man under them.

Dad: Um, let’s meet the boss. Hey boss, this is my son, Hapshemus!

Boss: (Whips another slave)

Dad: Okay see you later.

Son: This job has everything.

Dad: Except water.

Son: Can I be a slave when I grow up?

Dad: Yes.