Burger King – The Harvard Lampoon

Slam Dunk #

| Issue Editor: GMS '09 | Art Editor: GMS '09

Burger King

  BUS '11

Patron: Hey, do you guys have a bathroom?

Cashier: Sorry, we don’t. 

Patron: Seriously? How could you not have a bathroom?

Cashier: Ok fine, we have one in the back, but it’s employees only. Happy?

Patron: Here’s the thing. I really have to pee. 

Cashier: The employee bathroom is off limits to customers.

Patrons: I know, and ordinarily I would just pee on the floor, but I just got these new penny loafers and I’m worried about splattering. You understand. 

Cashier: You would really pee on the floor?

Patron: It’s not something I’m proud of, but yes, I’d do it for free.