Casanova – The Harvard Lampoon

Best Medicine #

| Issue Editor: JDA '12 | Art Editor:


  RAK '13


– May I take this seat, m’lady?
– Oh, Casanova!
– I should say your gown is quite beautiful, but has not half the craftsmanship of your radiant smile.
– Oh! Sir, you are- did you drive here in that?
– Yes I did.
[Passionate lovemaking]


– May I join you on your walk, madame?
– Heavens no! I’ve heard about you, Casanova, you vile, deceitful pig of a man!
– But nevertheless handsome, am I not?
– Everything about you is ugly.
– Even that car over there?
[Passionate lovemaking]


– Beep beep.
[Passionate lovemaking]


– My lady, may I offer you a ride?
– Forgive me sir, but I’ve been blind since childhood. Where are you?
– I’m sitting here. In my car.
– Oh, I hear you now. Thank you, I live just down the street.
– Alright, uh… so can you tell what a car looks like by feeling it, like with faces?
– No sir.
– Oh. Okay, we’re here, I guess.
– Thank you, sir. Goodbye.
– Okay bye.


– Hey, remember me?
– Your voice is familiar, but I fear I cannot see your face. I was stricken blind at a young-
– The car is red.
[Passionate lovemaking]