CatDog New Character – The Harvard Lampoon

Family Friendly Comedy #

| Issue Editor: JGS '20 | Art Editor: NAA '21

CatDog New Character

  JGS '20 , Art: NAA '21

Dog: I wanna swim!

Cat: Well, I don’t! Let’s–

Rat: Yooooo! CatDog! What’s up! Check us out! New 50/50 animal hybrid on the block!

Cat: Ah gross what the heck?

Rat: We’re RatHorse! We get up to all kinds of wacky adventures just like you guys.

Dog: No offense, but your horse butt tapers way too steeply into your rat butt. 

Cat: Your bodies are severely mismatched in size for this. 

Rat: Nah it’s all good. A scientist did this to us!

Dog: How are you able to carry the weight of your horse body if 2/4 of your legs are rat legs?

Rat: What a perfect conflict for an adventure? Will RatHorse ever figure out how to walk without Horse dragging Rat’s face and body all over the ground? 

Horse: (neighs)

Cat: He can’t talk?

Rat: Uhhh ok? Looks like we have another absolutely perfect sticky situation for an episode of RatHorse?

Dog: (sniffing) Oof, yuck. Rat, I think the stitches connecting you to Horse are infected.

Rat: Hahah! How we gonna get out of this one? Uh oh! Tune in! Ahhhhhhhahaha. My body hurts all the time!