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Cheat Codes

  EWvS '14

Hey, superskater! We here at Game4Life magazine have got some nuts cheat codes for MathSkate 1998 to take your multiplications to the triple-digits. Full air.

superollie — Sometimes having to multiply by x to bump your board just sucks. Unsuck it by turning the multiplication sign into an addition sign, then changing both numbers into zeros.

buffman — Muscles are important, and the Buffalo Man has lots of ‘em. Especially brain muscles. This means he can give you hints on the differences between long division and doing a grind.

prairiemeal — No half pipes until you find the solution to that equation? Have the Buffalo Man eat that equation. Problem solved.

mathicalf — Turn this one on and skate to the stratosphere. Buffalo Man will follow close behind, doing all the game’s math problems for you at his motorized desk.

secretaccess — Make the 5th grade easier. Have the game print you out a copy of the next test. Buffalo Man found it. But where? He’ll never tell.

phoneflip — The B-Man will text you answers during your next test. You’ll know it’s him. There’ll be some misspellings.

signedbybuff — Unlock a special part of the game where Buffalo Man teaches you how to forge your parents’ signatures. Send in your best forgeries for a chance at free pizza. Not paying for pizza is easy when you can forge a check.

skiptoit — A note will arrive on your principal’s desk from a famous German mathematician. It will excuse you from all of 5th grade to go practice numbers. Welcome to the School of Skate. Buffalo Man will pick you up in the morning.