Cockpit – The Harvard Lampoon

Just Friends #

| Issue Editor: GWN '16 | Art Editor: JXY '16


  ANA '17


-Hell of a job on that takeoff.

-Thanks, now it’s smooth sailing until we get there.

-Quick question. Where is “there?”

-You don’t know?

-You don’t know either? Oh Jesus Christ.

-Should we ask air traffic control? Or the stewardess?

-And admit we don’t know? We’re done.

-Shit. You’re right. We’re getting fired.

-We might as well enjoy this last ride.

-And we could go anywhere…

-Whoa. Where do you want to go?

-I have always wanted to go to Italy. You think the passengers won’t mind?

-Of course they won’t mind. It’s Italy.

-But my girlfriend has always wanted to kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

-Is she on the flight?

-She’s not.

-Damn, that could have been perfect.

-Maybe Germany? My family is German.

-That’s cool. You wanna visit relatives?

-Nope, they left like a hundred years ago.

– Wait, I just found my ticket in my pocket.

-Where are we supposed to go?



-Yes, Buffalo.

-I will crash this plane before I spend my weekend in Buffalo.