Coin Collection – The Harvard Lampoon

Splatterbrain #

| Issue Editor: AMG '10 | Art Editor: JPFG '12

Coin Collection

  BUS '11

– So this is your room, huh?
– Yep. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll grab the wine.
– Cool. Where should I put my jacket?
– Anywhere is fine.
– But…all the surfaces are covered in jars of coins.
– Yeah sorry, that’s my coin collection.
– Jesus, it’s everywhere.
– Thanks, it’s a few years in the making.
– Looks like they’re mostly pennies.
– I guess.
– What’s your rarest one?
– What do you mean?
– Your rarest coin. Like, which one is the
most valuable?
– I don’t understand. They’re all worth one cent.
– You mean…these are just regular pennies?
– That whole shelf is from 1998.
– Don’t people usually collect coins that are out of circulation, like Indian head pennies or eagle pennies?
– Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. Everyone knows that.