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The Burnout #

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College Board Corp. Headquarters

  JGH '08

Test-Maker 1: Look everybody, I’ve made it so there are four Bs in a row.

Test-Maker 2: Can we do that? Can we put four Bs in a row?

Test-Maker 1: We can do whatever we want. Look, I’ll make the next answer B as well.

Test-Maker 2: No. No, I don’t think we should. That’s too many Bs in a row.

Test-Maker 1: Oh really? Watch this. (makes the next three answers B)

Test-Maker 2: Why are you doing this?

Test-Maker 1: Because we can. (makes the next three answers all B)

Test-Maker 2: You’re power hungry! Power hungry I say!

Test-Maker 1: I’ll make the whole test Bs if I want. Every answer B.

(The Master Test-Maker shoots Test-Maker 1 in the back of the head with a gun)

Test-Maker 2: Oh my God, what did you do that for?

Master Test-Maker: He did too many of the same letter in a row. Every test-maker wants to, but knows they shouldn’t.

Test-Maker 2: So you have to — ?

Master Test Maker: You have to put them down.