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August 29, 2008
A Confession

Hey all,
Sorry about not blogging in a while, but I just want to get something off my chest:
the trip to France that I went on this past summer and recapped in earlier posts was
actually a lie. I never actually went there. Basically, I just sat in my room here in
Plattsburgh and downloaded photos of France and copied and pasted entries from
other people’s blogs. So all that stuff about the wine tasting thing in Avignon and our
wacky boat ride on the French Riviera and my host family’s strange predilection for
milk – all lies. I thought I’d be able to ignore the guilt, but it overwhelmed me in the
So, sorry again, and thanks for all the comments!


July 28th, 2008
Museums and More!

What a day! In the morning we got up early, rented a car, and drove along la Cote
d’Azur. The views were freaking amazing. Then we stopped at a little bistro.
It’s so hard to tell whether or not a restaurant is good by how it looks on the outside.
Sometimes the ones that look the worst actually turn out to be the best.
This one fell into that category. I got Escargots de Bourgogne (basically just snails
– gross, I know, but delicious) and terrinée for dessert (an awesome rice dish – seriously,
if you ever come to France you have to have this). In the afternoon we visited the Louvre
(ever heard of the Mona Lisa? Ha ha!) as well as the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée du
Luxembourg. Then we got some tasty, tasty crêpes for the ride home. Love this place,