Crowdwork – The Harvard Lampoon

Dessert Island #

| Issue Editor: NJL '15 | Art Editor: YZ '17


  TBW '18


7 seconds on the clock. Gelman has the ball. Backcourt. Starts, dribbles. Down one point, this is where you look to make a basket. Crowd quiets. I jam the “Make Some Noise” button. Jumbotron flashes “Make Some Noise” animatronic. Crowd makes some noise.


Gelman at halfcourt now. He stops. Surveys the court. Looks up at the commentators box. Finds me. Smiles. I look back. Smile. Just how we practiced it. He puts down the basketball. Raises his arms, palms up, repeatedly. “Make some noise” gesture. Crowd makes some noise. I jam the button. Crowd makes more noise. Gelman, hand behind ear. “I can’t hear you” gesture. Crowd makes lots of noise. Finger to lip. Quiet.


Gelman picks up the ball. Dripples to the top of the key. Pivots around Willis. Crosses Bronik. I send on the dancers. Gelman weaves through the dancers. The dancers do a synchronized routine. Gelman unfazed, back at midcourt now. Dancers hold up signs. 14 dancers, 14 signs,

13 letters. 1 punctuation mark. “MAKE SOME NOISE!” Crowd makes some noise.


Gelman drives to the three point line. Dancer sets pick. Gelman finds space. Drives to the net and… “WELCOME TO THE SLAM HOUSE.”  I jam the button repeatedly. Crowd erupts in noise. Stadium can’t handle the noise. Stadium collapses. Gelman wins the game.