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Dance Moves

  MVS '17 , Art: ARC '18

ARC dance moves

These are some of the dance moves for which I am known:


‒ “The Yo-Yo”: This is when I either mimic the up-and-down movement of a yo-yo or I actually bring a yo-yo to the club and get into it.


‒ “The Combination Moonwalk-Thriller Dance”: This one’s pretty simple. Moving both laterally and backwards, I do the moonwalk with my feet while doing the dance from “Thriller” with my arms.


‒ “The Lateral Spin”: This is when I do a cartwheel on the dancefloor, space permitting.


‒ “The ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’”: A move-for-move parody of the Cotton-Eyed Joe, as subversive as it is identical.


‒ “The Fireworks”: I bring a ton of fireworks to the club and safely set them off throughout the night.


‒ “The Tiny Man”: I crouch down on the dancefloor and stretch my shirt over my bent knees so as to resemble a tiny, boxy man. I then proceed to do a medley of the dance moves listed above.


‒ “The Slam Dunk”: I am the lead mascot for the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Donning neon blue magician’s gear, I do a 720 vertical spin off a small trampoline, planting the ball right in the net. Many people don’t think a slam dunk counts as a dance move but it actually does.
‒ “The Legs”: I just get out there and go wild with my legs while everyone chants “legs! legs! legs!