Euros – The Harvard Lampoon

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| Issue Editor: WCS '11 | Art Editor: IVP '12


  RAK '13

Everyone said the Euro would make travel easier, but it’s  given me nothing but grief.

– I’ll take the baguette. How much?

– La baguette frais cinq euros.

– No, I– I will take…the baguette.

– C’est cinq euros, monsieur.

– Baguette. Buy. Buy.

– Dinner was lovely, thanks. What do I owe you?

– La comida cuesta treinta y cinco euros.

– Yes, euros, how many?

– Eh, how you say, thirty-five euros?

– I only brought four.

– How much for a gondola ride?

– Quattro euros.

– Great. Before we leave, I should let you know that I will get a panic attack and fall out of the boat if the ride is any longer than ten minutes. Can you make sure this doesn’t happen?

– Quattro euros.

– Thanks.

– I’d like to rent a car for the week.

– Certainly, sir. That will be forty pounds.

– Terrific, here you are. [I crash because the roads are backwards]