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| Issue Editor: ECM '15 | Art Editor: ECM '15

Face Shapes

  SLK '16 , Art: SAE '17

SAE face shapesFaces are all different shapes and sizes! Here are a few of those.



This is fairly similar to a heart-shaped face, but not quite there. Close, though. It’s just that you have those sharp corners at your temples. Maybe try to sand them down.



If you’ve ever been told you have a horse face, you understand this so accurately describes your face that someone felt it more important to point this out than spare your feelings.



I would bet that when you were in grade school and were asked to draw your mother’s face you started by drawing a circle. Congratulations. You take after your mother.


Inverted Triangle

Ew, now those sharp corners are by your jaw, but I don’t think they are actually your jaw. Please sand them soon.