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Get Off My Lawn #

| Issue Editor: HHD '09 | Art Editor: GMRD '09

Fad Items

  HHD '09

When I was growing up, I bought a lot of fad items that I got tired of. This is what I do with them now:

Reebok Pumps: I use these for tennis and squash now that nobody plays basketball anymore.

Furbies: These I still use a lot, because I’m not actually talking about the toy Furbies but some hybrid mammalian bees that I invented.

Dinosaur Books: I guess these belong in a museum.

Tamagotchis: I’ve actually grown to enjoy Tamagotchis more and more as I’ve gotten older. I include them here as the “exception that proves the rule.”

Silly Putty: Did you know that Silly Putty was created by accident during World War II? Anyway, I keep this because my son has Fragile-X and he likes how it feels.

Trapper Keeper: Trapper Keeper! I hardly know her! I don’t have one of these, but if I did that’s what I would say.

Beanie Babies: I sometimes pretend these are real animals, then put them all in a garbage bag and sit on it to watch TV.