Genie – The Harvard Lampoon

Dead of Night #

| Issue Editor: GJA '17 | Art Editor: BAB '17


  HJH '19 , Art: NAA '21

GENIE: Ye who hath freed me now receiveth three wishes!

TOM: Holy shit, Lucas?

GENIE: Tom? How the hell are you?

TOM: I’ve been good. So you actually did it?

GENIE: Yes sir, I became a genie.

TOM: Listen, I need to apologize about saying genies didn’t exist.

GENIE: C’mon Tom, the past is the past. How about we hear those wishes?

TOM: But remember how I stuffed you into that locker every day and called it your lamp? Man, that was pretty hilarious.

GENIE: Yeah, right, no that actually sucked a lot.

TOM: And how I started the Anti-Genie Club and told everyone to kick you and wish to your face that you transferred schools?

GENIE: Yes, I really thought I would be safe at Marshfield High until you–

TOM: Transferred there and created a new chapter of the club so I could ruin it for you! Get pranked!

GENIE: I could trap you in a mason jar forever.

TOM: Kinda like how I trapped you in a toilet for 3 days? BOOM! Walked right into that one.

GENIE: I’m going to put a curse on your entire family.

TOM: Pretty insensitive of you to say that right after my mom passed away.

GENIE: Tom, I am so sorry.