Giant Cake – The Harvard Lampoon

Break of Day #

| Issue Editor: NM '17 | Art Editor: BAB '17

Giant Cake

  JGS '20

– Jonny! Always a treat to see my best customer. The usual?

– One giant cake, empty middle.

– Our most popular item. You gonna eat this thing by yourself?

– I mean, no. Vito, I don’t eat your cakes. I pay strippers to hide in them.

– Ok, it’s settled. Funniest Customer Award goes to Jonny.

– This is no joke. A naked woman will be in this cake very soon.

– You can’t be serious. This is my life’s work.

– Honestly, I don’t think I’ve even tasted one of them.

– I can’t believe my best customer has been defiling my cakes for years.

– Oh, it’s not just me. People buy your cakes exclusively for this purpose.

– I feel dizzy.

– They have human sized compartments in the middle.