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Heist Movie Notes

  ASB '17

-Open on a bunch of guys, playing cards. Cigarettes dangling from their lips. Sunglasses dangling from their cigarettes. You can tell that this is a group where everybody ‘gets it.’

-One guy is foreign. He gets mad when the others give him shit about it. Secretly, he loves it.

-He doesn’t love it, but it’s good cultural experience.

-He doesn’t love it, but compensates with acrobatic skill.

-He somersaults until they respect him as a person.


-Van pulls up, blaring music, but we see that it’s too bulletproof to be an ice cream truck.

-Team leader steps out. Pan up from feet. Zoom out from face. Keep zooming out. It’s a pretty big world, and this is just one small heist. The guys don’t understand this, but we do.

-That’s called situational irony.

-He sits at the card table. His voice is deep, and his tan is charismatic.

-This part is a lot of exposition. But the card game is a metaphor, and the winking is foreshadow.

-The talking is foreshadow, and the winking is a red herring.

-The rest of the foreshadows are explosions.


-Everybody brings a different skill-set to the plan. One of them is good with computers.

-All of them are good with computers. It’s the 21st century, and there’s no excuse.

-They’re speaking in HTML.

-One guy doesn’t exactly understand how casinos work.

-He’s just listening, nodding his head.

-But he wonders if it isn’t too late to ask that question.


-Cut to: casino. Loud noises, flashing lights. Everywhere people losing money, having seizures.

-The femme fatale enters. She seduces the guards long enough for the team to sneak by and seduce the dealers.

-Team leader ropes down to the vault while his deep tan absorbs the laser security system.

-It’s pretty high stress, but they’re also just having a lot of fun out there.


-A lot of this movie is basically an ad for Las Vegas.

-The rest of this movie is an ad for briefcases.


-Cut to: beach. Heist was a success. Team looking relaxed and, most importantly, healthy.

-Heist was a success. We know this because they’re using dollar bills as bookmarks, even though they keep blowing away in the ocean breeze.

-They’re beach reading because it’s the universal symbol of prosperity.

-Team leader is sun-bathing, but that’s about as tan as he’s going to get.

-Shot fades out, but very slowly to evoke a sense of peace.
-It’s the kind of peace only money can buy.