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Lame of Thrones

  JFAR '19

Read the book you wish George R.R. Martin would write but never will!

In the tradition of Bored of the Rings, Nightlight, and The Hunger Pains, The Lampoon is ready to serve parody notice to the most entertaining, infuriating, and inescapable cultural phenomenon of the past decade. An affectionate but take-no-prisoners send-up of the massive literary and television franchise, Lame of Thrones merrily explodes all of the series’ conventions to hilarious ends. It may even leave you more satisfied than the actual TV ending of Game of Thrones. In fact, if it doesn’t, we’ve really dropped the ball.

Journey to Westopolis, where several extremely attractive egomaniacs vie to be ruler of the realm and sit on the Pointy Chair. Our hero Jon Dough was a likely bet, but his untimely murder at the hands of his own men of the Night’s Crotch has made that seem less likely. Will Dragon Queen Dennys Grandslam escape from her Clothkakhi captors and return to conquer the world? Or will she just get left in the desert counting grains of sand for the rest of the book? And what about Jon Dough’s siblings? Will they be mentioned? Probably? Almost definitely, yes? It would be weird if they weren’t prominent characters in the book, you say?

Find out this November! Lame of Thrones is available for preorder in print, ebook and audiobook now. lampoon/lame-of-thrones/9780306873676/utm_source=lampoon&utm_medium=homepage&utm_campaign=lame-of-thrones

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