Libyan Flag – The Harvard Lampoon

The Grass is Greener #

| Issue Editor: CHS '17 | Art Editor: AEV '18

Libyan Flag

  NM '17

Don’t let the fact that Libya recently changed its flag distract you from the fact that it
was once just green. Yup. For almost forty years, Libya’s flag was a green rectangle. You
can look this up, I am not joking. For the sake of the Libyan people, which I am sure are
great, I wish I was joking, but really I am not.

Sure, if you are a fan of the color green, then the Libyan flag was a big moment.
Does it get better as color than completely being one country’s flag? Probably not.

But between you and me, I know a lot of green fans, big green fans, in fact I myself
am a bit of a green fan, and I can tell you, they, we all think the flag was a mistake. If
anything, the flag makes green look bad. It’s a great color and not its fault that it was used in
such an embarrassingly uninspiring way. I mean, if you want to sabotage a color use neon,
which is objectively disgusting.

Why green? The conventional schools of thought say lazy designer, religious
symbolism, whatever. If you ask me the real reason was spite; the creator wanted to give a
big middle finger to the colorblind. You can hate the flag, but if that’s the case, at the end of
the day, you just have to respect that passion.