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Words of Our City #

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Lonely Planet Travel Guides

  EHP '15

London – You cannot leave until you’ve taken tea at Harrod’s. High tea for one: £40. B&B room

for one: 200£/night. Train to Scotland for one: £150.

Glasgow – Whether you’re there for the music festival or just between whisky distilleries, be

careful. It can be dangerous to drink when there’s no one to walk you home.

Lisbon – The Portuguese have a fabulous word for “a longing that is yet not discontented”:

saudade. You will hear this word in the haunting strains of fado from street musicians in the

Baixa, along the currents of the ancient Tagus, and in your endless internal monologue,

uninterrupted by friendly human interjection.

Salzburg – Pay a visit to Mozart’s childhood home and be sure to spot the trellis from The

Sound of Music. Hostels will cut fabulous deals for groups of ten and more, but this is irrelevant

to you.

Venice – Gondola, gondola? Don’t be shy. As you drift dreamily beneath the Bridge of Sighs,

you aren’t imagining it: that honey-voiced gondoliere is singing for you and you alone.

Paris – Eiffel Tower, brioche, pain au chocolat. They say that couples who leave love locks on

the Pont des Arts stay together forever—but, well.