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Jekyll & Hyde #

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Male Cheerleader

  KMM '10

Stacy: Okay girls, time to get thrown in the air again. Dave, start throwing.
Dave: Actually, can I have a break Stacy? I’m pretty tired.
Stacy: I get it. The girls are too fat.
Dave: O h god. Not again. Please don’t do this-
Stacy: Fatties. A little harsh, but I respect your honesty.
Dave: Please- I just need a break. Please let Paul do some of the lifting.
Stacy: Paul works the megaphone. We have one lifter and one megaphone guy. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this. Kate, come over here.
Dave: No, not Kate again-
Stacy: Kate, you know that I’ve always thought of you as underweight — maybe even severely underweight— how ever, one of the team members has expressed his belief that you are too fat. Too fat to lift.
Kate: Was it Dave?
Stacy: Yes.
Dave: I’m so sorry — I’m just so tired. I have to lift so many people. I have back problem s-
Kate: Jesus, Dave. I’m sorry I can’t look like one of the girls from the magazine. Is that what you want? A magazine girl?
D ave: My–my back hurts.

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