Man Vs. Wild – The Harvard Lampoon

Disturbed Recesses of My Mind #

| Issue Editor: SLK '16 | Art Editor:

Man Vs. Wild

  AJ '18 , Art: AEV '18

AEV man vs wild AJ

After 50 successful seasons of “Man Vs. Wild,” the producers are struggling to think of new ideas.

Man Vs. Wild
One man arm wrestles a tree.

Man Vs Man Vs. Man
Two men play tug-of- war using another man as the rope.

Man Vs. Man Vs. Wild
Two men wrestle in the eye of a hurricane.

Wild Vs. Man
A single seed is dropped onto a four-way intersection.

Man Vs. Wild Vs. Wild
One man is pelted with 1000 seeds borne by hurricane winds.

Man Vs. Self
Hurricane-force winds cause a man to punch himself in the face.

Man Vs. Self Vs. Wild
A man contemplates his own reflection in the open ocean.

Self Vs. Self
Two theoretical concepts wrestle in the eye of a hurricane.