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Meeting Minutes

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Willow Grove Estates

Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the Neighborhood Board of Directors was held on January 26, 1996 at 7 P.M. Sharon Williams called the meeting to order.

Board Members:
Present: Douglas Carter, Sharon Williams, Michael Stevens, Wayne Darren, John Patrick, and Howell Smith.

Non-Board Members:
Present: Zed (?)

Items of Business
1.) Michael Stevens proposed that the dead light bulbs in front of the community pool house be changed, because they make the neighborhood look bad. MOTION to buy new light bulbs was seconded and passed.

2.) Zed (?) believes that the way we conduct our board meetings is wrongheaded. He feels strongly that the Neighborhood Board of Directors should disband and put him in charge. MOTION to disband the Neighborhood Board of Directors was not seconded.

3.) John Patrick thinks that the neighborhood curfew law should be changed to 9 PM. MOTION to change the neighborhood curfew to 9 PM was seconded and passed.

4.) Zed (?) asked why he is not the president of the Neighborhood Board of Directors. MOTION to impeach Sharon Williams and install Zed (?) as president was not seconded.

5.) Howell Smith would like the Neighborhood Board of Directors to finance a neighborhood wide BBQ on Memorial Day. MOTION to fund BBQ was seconded and passed.

6.) Zed (?) claims to have many followers, if that means anything. He says they mail checks to him every month. MOTION to put Zed (?) in charge of the Neighborhood Board of Directors was not seconded.

7.) Sharon Williams asked Zed (?) if he lives in the neighborhood, because no one has ever seen or heard of him before tonight.

8.) Zed (?) says he has big plans for the neighborhood. He says he can turn this place into something large and fantastic. But first he must be put in charge. MOTION to make Zed (?) president was not seconded.

9.) Wayne Darren reminded those present that they are on private property, and that anyone can be asked to leave at any time.

10.) Zed (?) claims to have followers all over North America and across all the oceans. He does not know what has brought him to this sleepy neighborhood in Pasadena, California where the children play in the streets but he knows that his disciples will follow him to the ends of the earth. He has big plans for the neighborhood, and he would love to share them with you, but first he must be put in charge.