Milli Vanilli – The Harvard Lampoon

Smoke and Mirrors#

| Issue Editor: WBB '08 | Art Editor: WBB '08

Milli Vanilli

  HHD '09

Milli Vanilli shocked the world when they admitted they had lipsynced all of their songs. Later, they would explain that they did it by listening to their manager over the earpieces they wore on stage.

“Okay, guys. Let’s do this. When you hear the music start, part your lips slightly, then open your jaws to about 3/4 capacity. A little farther. Nice. Now pull the corners of your lips back, then make your mouth a little wider than it is high. Really, really good. You guys are amazing. Move into O-shape…all right, here comes a tough part. Thrust out your lower lip slightly, then put your tongue against the back of your teeth for a split second, then back to O-shape. Hold for about ten seconds. 3…2…1… close. Great. Can you vibrate your mouth slightly, like you’re humming? Awesome. Now laugh in three short bursts…aaand you’re done. Nice job, guys. Come on back here and celebrate.”