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Most Likely to Succeed

  BHB '13

– Hey Zach, I just voted you as ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ for the senior superlatives.

– Really? I doubt I have a chance. I have a feeling LeBron James is going to win.

– You have a great shot. What’s he good at other than basketball?

– They say he’s going to be the first pick of the NBA draft. He’ll be a millionaire next month.

-The star athlete is popular in high school, but where will he be ten years from now?

-I don’t know  if my talents are as obvious to everyone.

-I notice your talents. You’re great with helping others and an awesome listener.

– That’s exactly what Mrs.Weiss wrote in the comment section of my report card.

– You’re a leader too. Remember when you started the wave at the state basketball championship?

-Yeah, people seemed to get into that. The kid sitting behind us gave me a pat on the shoulder after.

– A lot of people quietly admire you.

-Should I go tell Dan to vote for me? I may need a couple more supporters to put me over the edge.

-Dan will vote for you. I bet the entire debate team will vote for you.

-Should I start writing an acceptance speech? Do I get to give a speech if I win?

-I don’t think so, but your name goes in the yearbook after the thirty-page basketball team section.  

-My mother is going to be so happy.

-Look there’s LeBron now.

-Should I go shake his hand just so there won’t be any hard feelings?