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Music Video Commentary

  JBO '10

My fans particularly like this video, and I often find myself discussing it with them. We’ll have a long conversation about many aspects—why some things work well, why others are very great. In the end, they often say the same thing: “As a music video director, you must be rich.” And that’s something to think about, especially when you watch this.

I go into a shoot with one goal: capturing reality. Sometimes that reality is the way a singer crawls through the room in her house that is filled with steam and is where her tiger lives. In other cases, it’s about showing exactly what would get an uptight businessman to finally rock out—a band destroying his possessions. I want to show the world as it is. Do you see that car? That’s what a shiny thing looks like.

You get some pretty crazy requests. But in the end, all musicians want the same thing: a video where they “face off” against themselves. It’s my theory that every artist has two people inside—one, the type who walks around a club with an inquisitive but sort of mean look; the other, the type who does that with different clothes and slightly different hair. It goes back to one of life’s big questions: what would you do if you met a person who looked exactly like you? As you see at the end of the video, you would drag race them. Drag race them until their car spun out of control and exploded. I’ll finish with a message. To the kids interested in making their own videos, remember this rule: try to imagine how an angel looking down from Heaven would see things, specifically, if it had vision that could zoom way far in and focus on single people. That’s more or less what we’re trying to show.