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Words of Our City #

| Issue Editor: EWvS '14 | Art Editor: KER '14

My City

  ERB '14

It’s my city in the end just like it’s some other guy’s world. No one goes asking around for copyrights when ownership was patented as a mindset years ago. The corporations own the country, the people own the corporations, the diseases own the people. I don’t own the diseases but I’ve had some and I’ve known others and what they’ve taught me are lessons and I’m not going anywhere. I dare you to contemplate my face.


I first came to this city not out of spite but into confusion, back when it made sense to foresee reaching the other side. It was right in the middle of the city where I turned around and was still in the middle, but the city demanded a new perspective on all things non-city because the city was an asymmetry. The clouds in the sky shaped like art, the horizon just lazy enough to lean on the earth’s tilt. That’s when the worst disease struck and that’s the disease I call Understanding but everyone else is too afraid to call it anything because of a definitional problem.


If it were contagious then it’d be laughter. It’s not about happiness or peace or spare change but about seeing some people go one direction and others go the other direction and realizing you are the sum of all directions. If the city is the journey then you are the destination, the center of the universe when you add it all up and subtract the other cities.
This city is a portal to the psyche of immobility and immobility prompted this city. We are an immobile kind and it is I. There’s a mobile river that flows underneath, but faith is my bath and I don’t have soap. Greatness is power and power is death is city. Rivers cannot even cast a shadow.