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My Sweet Ride

  MDL-G '16 , Art: AEV '18

AEV my sweet rideI recently pimped out my Ford Mustang. Here are a list of customizations I made.


  1. Dashboard toaster. Toast is my favorite breakfast food, and now it’s hot and ready right up front. I also cook dinner with this bad boy. Lunch, as well.


  1. Window tint. When all your earthly possessions are in the backseat of your car, you need a deterrent from potential thieves.


  1. Roof tabletop. This is a great place to host dinner parties. For one. With a lot of made-up people I wish actually would come.


  1. Surround sound speakers. I thought this would be good for hosting movie nights, but mostly I listen to motivational tapes to try to get myself out of this temporary rut.


  1. Refrigerator. This keeps all my beers cold and preserves all the leftovers I find on the streets from rotting.


  1. Toilet paper dispenser. Still searching for enough aluminum cans to go with the full toilet, so as of now, this is what I got.


  1. Showerhead. Huge improvement as now I actually have a way to clean myself. Has all the hookups for a standard fire hydrant.


  1. Trunk bed. Sometimes, I put up the top so that I can stare at the stars and wonder where it all went wrong.


    9. 20 inch rims. These look really, really cool.