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My Video Game Idea

  KMM '10

Okay, picture a 2D platforming game, like Super Metroid or something. I say Metroid because the character in my game is a woman, just like in that game. But my girl has large breasts. And she jumps around on a platform and spits fire or whatever. The graphics are really blocky, but still pretty sexy.

But then we pull it back and we see the game being played on a television screen by a woman who looks vaguely like the 2D character from the first “trick” game that I just talked about. The woman is sexy. Her back is arched and maybe she has nice breasts and you can just tell her hair is really bouncy.

But then we pull back and now we can see a man on a couch masturbating to his television, which is showing the boob woman playing the 2D game. I want to keep this semi-classy so maybe his hand is just reaching into his pants, but there’s a huge bulge and he’s got that face going.

But then we pull it back and we see a huge fat guy sitting in a futuristic chair. The room is dark and futuristic. All of the furniture is from the future. This guy’s wearing virtual reality goggles and he’s got earphones. Turns out the masturbating guy is just this fat guy’s avatar. The guy stroking it is being projected onto this guy’s wall, which is from the future. The game is called Super Mario World.