Notes on the Giving Tree – The Harvard Lampoon

Seasons of Life #

| Issue Editor: DRM '18 | Art Editor: JTB '18

Notes on the Giving Tree

  HFJ '18

Hey Shel, really liked the new draft. A few thoughts:

-Can we add some details to more clearly show that the boy is aging?

-Text kerning isn’t ideal on page 10.

-Let’s go ahead and change the ending so as not to make me cry.

-Crying is wet and messy.

-What might the tree’s motivation be by the end of the book? Should I call my son?

-I’m going to go ahead and call my son to tell him I love him.

-What do you say to a boy who can never know how much you care?

-Do we have reason to believe he’ll understand when he has kids of his own?

-Thirty three, Shel. He’s thirty three but he’s still my little boy.

-Shading is off on second to last page.

-He says he loves me. You hear those words, and man oh man, you can die happy.

-Go ahead and come to my office and scoop me off the floor. I am a melted man, Shel.

-At the end of the day, I’m still the same boy I’ve always been. Always young.

-The note before last should read “I am a melted boy.

-I’ll be out of the office tomorrow to take my son fishing.