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The Manic Pursuit #

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Outside the Classroom…

  AMG '10

Teacher: How did you do it?
Lacey: Do what, Mrs. Reading?
Teacher: Your sex ed test scores. You both scored off the charts.
Stephen: Oh.
Teacher: Do you have anything to say for yourself, young man and young lady?
Lacey: Lucky guesses?
Stephen: Handouts… your handouts…reading them?
Teacher: You both diagrammed the no-no spots like doctors.
Lacey: The test was pretty simple.
Teacher: Tell you what. Here’s another simple test. Answer this analogy: bread is to oven as penis is to…
Stephen: Lacey.
Lacey: The answer is Lacey.
Teacher: Okey-doke. We were on page thirty-seven of Charlotte’s Web in case you forgot.