Plane Hijacking – The Harvard Lampoon

Family Friendly Comedy #

| Issue Editor: JGS '20 | Art Editor: NAA '21

Plane Hijacking

  JGS '20

Passenger 1: Please don’t kill us. Please don’t kill us!

Passenger 2: And turn the in flight movie back on!

Passenger 1: Please just land the plane!

Passenger 3: Hey this guy’s right. Turn the movie back on!

Passenger 4: Yeah, we were watching that before you guys did all this! 

Passenger 5: Put it back on!

Passenger 6: From where we left off! Not the beginning!

Passenger 1: I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart to let us live. 

Passenger 7: Hey, seriously shut up! We’re trying to get the movie back on.

Passenger 8: Yeah shut up. Hey everyone, this guy hates movies!

Passengers: Boooo!!!! You suck!

Passenger 1: I have a family. The people on this plane all have families. Please.

Passenger 9: Your family sucks! We want the movie!

Passenger 10: Excuse me, are you going to turn the movie back on?