Prom Photo – The Harvard Lampoon

Best Medicine #

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Prom Photo

  CAS '12

PHOTOGRAPHER: Okay, get in here you happy couple! Say cheese!

BILL AND EMILY: (moving in front of camera) Cheese!

PHOTOGRAPHER: That’s great. Let’s get one of just the curtain now.

BILL AND EMILY: (move aside) Haha, okay.

PHOTOGRAPHER: That’s the stuff. One more of just the red curtain. Perfect. Okay, one more of the curtain. That is really an excellent shot. Oh man, can we get one more of just the curtain? That would be something else. One… two… three. Yes! Great. This is so great. Bill, Emily, thank you so much for indulging me with that. You can come back now and let’s take some pictures of just the two of you, no curtain. This is your night.

BILL AND EMILY: (move in front of camera)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Actually, keep the curtain. Guys, you’re going to have to get on the other side of that curtain for these next few shots to work. Are you okay with that? Jesus Christ, just do what I say!

BILL: (muffled from behind curtain) Our limousine is here.

PHOTOGRAPHER: That’s fine. Please bring me some coffee on your way back from the prom. This is going to be one long shoot.