Relationship – The Harvard Lampoon

Young and Misunderstood #

| Issue Editor: CCSW '18 | Art Editor: KDF '19


  HFJ '18 , Art: IMG '20

Mom: Sarah, we try not to butt into your dating life, but this relationship has to end.

Sarah: You just don’t get it, Mom!

All Nine Members of the Band Slipknot: No disrespect, Mrs. Meyers, but Sarah and us are in love.

Mom: You might think that now, the band Slipknot, but you’ll understand what love really is when you’re older.

All Nine Members of the Band Slipknot: Gosh, we simply can’t say we agree with you here.

Sarah: So you’re just gonna go along with this, Dad?

All 27 Past and Present Members of the Band Lynyrd Skynyrd, Even the Dead Ones: Your mother’s right.