Schrödinger’s Cats, Part 2 – The Harvard Lampoon

Strength In Numbers #

| Issue Editor: EHP '15 | Art Editor: SAE '17

Schrödinger’s Cats, Part 2

  KPFS '15 , Art: SAE '17

SAE schrodinger's cats pt 2

Seuss: The Cat in the Hat.

Schrödinger: In a box.

Seuss: The Fox in the Box.

Schrödinger: But with cats.

Seuss: The Cat in the Box sat next to a fox.

Schrödinger: Sat next to a flask of hydrocyanic acid.

Seuss: The Cat in the Cask sat next to a flask—

Schrödinger: Good.

Seuss: —wearing a mask.

Schrödinger: Maybe, but actually sat next to a flask that breaks if a radioactive atom decays.

Seuss: A Cat in the Cask lays next to a flask, and if an atom decays…

Schrödinger: the flask breaks, and the cat dies, but since we don’t see it, both happen.

Seuss: One fish two fish red fish dead fish?

Schrödinger: But with cats.