Selected Poems of Ernie O’Hurtz – The Harvard Lampoon

Smellfungus #

| Issue Editor: SWR '19 | Art Editor: SW '20

Selected Poems of Ernie O’Hurtz

  BWM '19

Are ye lookin at me, at me?
If thee be lookin at me, I’ll make a little introduction
Between yer head and ass

Oh bartender, another drink, oblige this weary drunk.
Like a cow to a garden
Or a stag to thicket forest
What-ho! I join in this altercation

A brawl? A brawl!
Aye, a   

If the stars in the sky were doused
Mine penchant for a scuffle would not be snuffed.
It would go on
I would sacktap in the dark

You, over there, calling my star poem gay
I’m gonna drink this drink
Then use yer mouth ta break yer nose.