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Cruisin' For Burgers #

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Summer Plans

  KMN '12

-Hello there Kevin.

– Oh hi Mr. Fisher. How are you?

– Fine, fine. Doing fine. Just fine. Very fine.

– Great.

– So… junior year of college… a big year… an impor – tant year. Tell me: what are your plans for the summer?

– Well I haven’t actually—

– Because you know we’re hiring interns down at The Burger Bun.

– Interns? You mean for the corporate side?

– “Corporate side?” By which you mean what, exactly?

– You know. Keeping track of finances, doing invoices. That sort of thing.

– Invoices? What is that?

– A list of goods and the prices at which you sell them… don’t you keep sales records?

– Oh heavens no.

– Then how do you know if you’re actually making money?

– Money? Down at The Burger Bun we make burgers.

– Yes but when customers order burgers what do they give you in exchange?

– Oh all kinds of things. Other burgers they bring from home. Seeded buns. Pickles.

– How do you pay your employees?

– Condiments, mostly. Look maybe this job isn’t for you.