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| Issue Editor: ZEW '14 | Art Editor: SSR '15

Terrorist Search History

  RJS '17 , Art: SHR '15

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Wednesday, 9:14 am                   C-4 distributors florida

Wednesday, 4:40 pm                   how to build a bomb

Wednesday, 5:01 pm                   getaway car driver craigslist

Thursday, 3:03 am                       directions to cape canaveral

Thursday, 3:07 am                       repairman disguise

Thursday, 3:15 am                       repairman disguise cheap

Saturday, 10:33 am                      nasa news

                                                                   Did you mean: “NSA news”?

Saturday, 10:34 am                      what does nsa do?

Saturday, 10:37 am                      how to delete search history

Saturday, 10:41 am                      delete history troubleshooting

Saturday, 10:46 am                      delete history not working

Saturday, 10:48 am                      computer help hotline

Saturday, 10:49 am                      America is great

Saturday, 10:51 am                      how to spread freedom

Saturday, 10:51 am                      bald eagle poster

Saturday, 10:52 am                      American flag shower curtain

Saturday, 10:53 am                      i love America

Saturday, 10:53 am                      mcdonald’s locations

Saturday, 10:54 am                      uncle sam bumper stickers

Saturday, 10:56 am                      star spangled banner ringtone download

Saturday, 11:58 am                      how to build a bomb for my 7th grade science fair