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Ice Cold Water #

| Issue Editor: JEY '15 | Art Editor: PHM '15

The Beach Boys

  MVS '17


In an attempt to alter their aesthetic, The Beach Boys released a double album entitled Go, Go, Icicle Rock in 1970.


Disc One

“My Little Snowboardin’ Girl”

“Icicles On My Hat”

“Blizzard Brenda”

“My Baby Doesn’t Snowshoe”

“I’m Shiverin’ (I Just Can’t Stop)”

“Go, Go Icicle Rock”

“Snow Picnic (It’s Time For A Snow Picnic)”

“She’s An Anchorage Girl”

“Beach Blizzard (Ba-Ba-Beach Blizzard)”

“Igloo Jane”


Disc Two

“Sand In My Boots (Snow In My Sandals)”

“Sandcastles in the Snow”

“Blizzard Betty”

“Waves of Ice”

“I’m Shakin’”

“Hot Frost”

“Surfin’ Skier”

“Little Saint Nick [Remastered]”

“Snowcastles in the Sand”

“Sailin’ on a Snowbank”