The City of Detroit is Dying, and I Know Why. – The Harvard Lampoon

Words of Our City #

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The City of Detroit is Dying, and I Know Why.

  JEY '15 , Art: SSR '15

SSR the city of detroit is dying

The City of Detroit is dying, and I know why.

Founded as an outpost for French fur trappers in 1701 under a French royal provision, Detroit, is now a formerly great American city. At one point, Detroit was really going places. They were on the right side during the Civil War, and when Richard Nixon became president, the City of Detroit threw a parade. The experts ranked the parade as a top parade, and the City of Detroit was ecstatic. So happy, in fact, that they kissed their babies and threw them into the air. As you would suspect, this was not sustainable. In the wake of their top marks, the City of Detroit kept throwing parades – mother’s day parades, candy cane parades, you name it – but they were “Any society that does not see its children grow up is doomed to die.” – Grover Cleveland, 1885.