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Last Ditch Effort #

| Issue Editor: HLD '18 | Art Editor: KDF '19

The TSA Has a Rule About Shoes

  TAF '19

– Woah! Sir, I’ve got one rule! And that’s shoes off before going through–

– I don’t have time! I need to….I have to… Have you ever loved someone?

– Sure. I was in love with a bungee jumper, but she bounced too hard and hit the bridge and died.

– …Well, the girl I love is getting on a plane. If I don’t tell her how I feel right now, I never will.

– Ya know, you remind me of someone: a younger me. And he’s not a terrorist. Go get her, kid.

– Thanks Mister!

(soft chuckle) Kids these days. (starts wiping down metal detector)

– Hey, Randall!

– Yeah, Boss?

– What did we just talk about?

– …Stop letting people through security if it’s like a movie…

– Because?

(sigh) Because movies are fiction and aren’t secure.

– That’s right. And what did we talk about before that?

– …Stop trying to catch people by asking if they think bombs are actually cool…

– And before that?

– …Your Big Barbecue Bash is this Saturday?

– See ya there, big guy.