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  TAF '19

The Benson Bundle was a show that featured a re-married couple and their newly combined family.

Ep. 1 — Divorce

Mr. and Mrs. Benson get divorced and quickly remarry other people. Then they remarry more people. Everybody stays in the house. They have a few kids out of wedlock and Housekeeper Maria moves in with her six adult sons who each run a daycare from home.

Ep. 3 — Goodnight

Each Benson wishes the others goodnight. No time for commercial breaks.

Ep. 4 — Benson Bundle of Joy

There’s a new baby in the family. We don’t know who the father is or who the mother is or where the baby is.

Ep. 6 — Prom

A bottle episode. It’s prom at Delta High, but the older kids can’t leave — they’re stuck at the bottom of the sleep pile. B-plot: Tommy, Tommy #2, Also Tommy, and Long-Haired Tommy get new names.

Ep. 12 — Love

A-plot: The Bensons realize they planned 65 weddings on the same day. B—Z plots: 25 of the kids have their first kiss. Some of the Benson Bundle has to sit in the studio audience.

Ep. 15 — Adjusting

Cassie has to learn to share her room with twelve step-sisters. The rest of the Bensons learn if everyone stands and breathes in unison, they can all fit in the house.

Ep. 24 — Season Finale

The Benson Bundle becomes the first show to accurately portray demographic breakdowns in the US — 1,269 black characters, 1,638 Hispanic, 353 gay (88 of whom are closeted), and one pedophile.