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Walter Mondale Memorial Hospital

  BHB '13

Dear Former Vice President Walter Mondale,

This Saturday we had planned to open the Walter Mondale Memorial Hospital. It has just been brought to our attention that you are still alive. We did not realize this. Our lawyers have told us we are not allowed to open this memorial hospital until you are dead.

We were just curious…how is your health?

Seth Bishop, Hospital Administrator


Dear Seth,

Thanks for your concern, Seth! I am feeling great. Every morning I walk to the end of the driveway with my dog Bucky to check the mail. I was happy to finally get something (your letter)! Might I suggest that you change the name of your new hospital?

Walter Mondale


Dear Former Vice-President Walter Mondale

We’ve already ordered a lot of stationery. I think we’re just going to wait it out.