Wright Brothers – The Harvard Lampoon

Words of Our City #

| Issue Editor: EWvS '14 | Art Editor: KER '14

Wright Brothers

  EIS '16 , Art: SHR '15

SHR wright brothers

ORVILLE: Wilbur, I think I’ve invented a flying machine.

WILBUR: Hot dog! The Wright Brothers do it again!

ORVILLE: Err—yeah. Listen. I think this one’s just going to be an “Orville” invention.

WILBUR: But we’re a team. We’re the Wright Brothers.

ORVILLE: I get that. It’s just that I did this one alone.

WILBUR: You don’t hear me complaining that I invented “Puppy Hooch” alone.

ORVILLE: The beer for dogs?

WILBUR: The light beer for discerning dogs.

ORVILLE: I don’t know I just—

WILBUR: —or socks. I invented socks.

ORVILLE: You did not invent socks.

WILBUR: I invented those blue socks soaked in turpentine.

ORVILLE: Those were my socks.

WILBUR: I was trying to ferment them into a sort of beer for dogs.

ORVILLE: I feel like the airplane is more consequential than the dog beer.

WILBUR: History will be the judge.

ORVILLE: I’m sorry. I already submitted the patent application. Here, take a look.

WILBUR: Impressive. But where’s the ashtray?

ORVILLE: The plane is mostly gasoline and bedsheets.


ORVILLE: No smoking.

WILBUR: Here, let me draw one in.

ORVILLE: No, wait—

WILBUR: —Hot dog! The Wright Brothers do it again!