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Dead of Night #

| Issue Editor: GJA '17 | Art Editor: BAB '17

Zapruder Films

  GJA '17

When Abraham Zapruder unexpectedly captured the Kennedy Assassination on a home movie, the so called “Zapruder Film” was viewed by millions. His follow up films failed to achieve the widespread fame and attention of his premiere effort.

December 22, 1963
A car drives past the frame. Lyndon B. Johnson is inside this car. We cannot tell, because the car is not a convertible. President Johnson is not shot in the head or face. The camera slowly zooms in on the face of a man. The man looks into the camera and asks not to be filmed.

June 5, 1968
The camera frantically follows a man in a suit. A voice behind the camera says, “Are you Robert F. Kennedy?” The man turns to the camera and replies, “No.” Freeze Frame. Text reads “Later that very night, not 47 miles away, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated.”

July 4, 1976
Gerald Ford drops a banana he was about to eat. President Ford bends down to pick up the banana. Somebody yells, “Assassinate him!” President Ford turns and waves to the camera.

August 21, 1979
A Korean man enters the frame. He wears a sticker which reads, “My Name Is: President Jimmy Carter.” The sound of gunshots fills the air. Several seconds later, blood explodes out of President Carter’s chest. He yells, “Oh my goodness, I have been assassinated! Examine any video footage. I’m sure there are clues!”

March 30, 1981
President Reagan exits a hotel. Camera pans upward, to catch a shot of the beautiful sky. A gunshot. Camera rushes back to the President, who is entirely blocked by a crowd of people, many of whom are cameramen. Audible, “Come ON!”

September 2, 1983
Abraham Zapruder enters the frame and looks solemnly into the lens. He loads a sniper rifle and places the barrel in his mouth. He closes his eyes and prepares to pull the trigger. The camera is knocked over by a mild breeze. Gunshot off-screen.