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JKF '25   •   May 2023
“How was your summer, Bob Golf?” chuckles the hottest guy in school. I like to stand be…

RYSL   •   May 2023
The national draft is underway, and as an amputee I’m terrified of active combat. Thankfully,…

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Publication: May 2023

Last time we tried to publish a piece written in classical Spanish, we got called out and everyone had to resign. This time will be no different.

OMA '24   •   May 2023
Those files better say that I can buy a boat, Gene. My wife loves boats. My girlfriend loves boat…

BGS '22-'23   •   November 2020
Lindsey: It is so hot that you speak French, Jack.Jack: Ah, but how else would I order . . . la cr&…

JKF '25   •   May 2023
In 1954, psychologists infiltrated housewife Dorothy Martin’s UFO doomsday cult.   …


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