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JKF '25   •   May 2023
In 1954, psychologists infiltrated housewife Dorothy Martin’s UFO doomsday cult.   …

JTK '24   •   May 2023
Every pizza shop’s dream is a delivery driver with no obligation to the law. That, or an Ital…

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Publication: May 2023

Last time we tried to publish a piece written in classical Spanish, we got called out and everyone had to resign. This time will be no different.

JKF FOD   •   May 2023
Student: Don, man, what’re you doing at our epic party?  Don Quijote: Ah, you see, I wa…

SEH '26   •   May 2023
This guy Brian showed up in my shower last night. The water wasn’t on, he was just read…

MAS '18   •   December 2020
Ever since I was little, I wanted a vanagon. I worked for fifty years to get one — mailr…


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